My new GMW b5000
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Thread: My new GMW b5000

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    My new GMW b5000

    I could resist no longer! I wanted this watch from the moment I saw the first pictures, but thought the price was way too high. I guess Casio know us and our weakness.

    For those in the Uk, I purchased from Ernest Jones, with a 10% discount if you sign up for their newsletter. At £405 itís still over priced by £100,in my opinion, but the force was too strong.

    The diehard G-shocker in me wishes it wasnít quite so bling ( maybe fully brushed? ) but you canít deny how stunning it looks.
    My beater is a GW5000 on a combi, and I enjoy wearing it without concern, knowing a cheap bezel replacement will have it looking like new again.
    I donít feel so confident with the GMW5000, but I will enjoy wearing it on a more limited rotation.

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    Re: My new GMW b5000

    If it's any comfort to you I don't consider £405 all that bad for a U.K. price. I paid £400 for mine but only got it at that price because I was prepared to pre-order it. It's a lovely watch and is more rugged than you might think so don't be afraid to wear it.
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    Re: My new GMW b5000

    Congratulations !!

    You got it at a good price. Mine was bought 499 euros two weeks ago... And like you I was "too weak" ago.
    Pardon my English.

    I have snuffed the bling by using jeweller pads almost as soon as I had decided to wear it 24/7.
    Just be careful to protect the crystal from any sanding while doing the bezel.

    Like Sticky said: use it hard, it's a full metal g-shock in a screwback shell. It's tough.
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    Re: My new GMW b5000

    Congrats, man! Looks totally sweet! I actually don't find it that overpriced (300 quid would be a steal!) but agree that a brushed (or bead blasted oh my) finish would be awesome.
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