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    My new King!


    Well, I did it. Went out and bought a GX56-1A King yesterday at Macy's. I really don't mind the size at all. I have a 6.875" (17.5 cm) wrist and I think I can deal with it. I'm still not sure if I like the negative LCD yet. Tough to see under some lighting conditions. I'm thinking I might return this one and buy a GX56-1BDR with positive LCD and gold lettering - but I'll give this a try for a bit. Here are some pic's.

    UPDATE: I've decided that the Black/Red King is going back to Macy's. I just can't take it anymore - the negative LCD is just not working out for me. The display is just too difficult to read the majority of time. But I did just order a GXW56-1BJF King from Tokyo to replace it. The GXW is the Japanese Atomic version with gold lettering and a standard LCD. Now just to wait...

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    Re: My new King!

    Nice! But you are right the reversed display is tough in some light levels.

    But hey....don't take this one back just have both.

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    Re: My new King!

    Pretty awesome looking~Cheers!

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    Re: My new King!

    Ha, I just bought one today too (well actually yesterday picked up the orange but thought I'd wear the black more so I exchanged it today) for my birthday. My wrists are pretty small at 6 1/2'' but it still doesnt look TOO freakish imo. Definitely love the way it looks and while its probably too big I think thats half the attraction since I couldnt see myself being drawn to it as much if it were 5600 sized. Only problem is after wearing it for a day everything else seems TINY (including my relatively new and much loved gw5000) :(

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