My Thoughts on my new G;
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Thread: My Thoughts on my new G;

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    My Thoughts on my new G;

    A couple weeks back I answered a sale thread here for a like new Casio 4600 with the composite bracelet. The sale went off perfectly as have all the buying or selling I've done here since joining. I wanted another square G due to the fact my de5200 is 35 years old and was not pampered. I was concerned it may leak which would be a shame after so many years of use.

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    It's quite different from the old one, first stand out is the negative or black out digital readout. The watch came with owners booklet and that's good because I would have had a hard time figuring things out because function adjustments are different also.

    I live in Alaska and whatever watch I wear sees some rugged use compared to a great many city watches I'd guess so this made perfect sense. I have an old Citizen Chrono that looks like a Speedmaster but it too comes up short in the water test preformed by the watchmaker in town.

    The new G passed the real water testing when I set my docks for the season at the cabin on the lake. I did all the remote property owner work and never once worried about harming the watch. Normal means felling 70 foot dead spruce trees and cleaning up the accompanying mess that comes with a bunch of those.... setting docks, swimming, and of course relaxing.

    I was able to set the night illumination to auto and that's pretty cool. For years I've owned and used Ball tritium watches and Tag Heuer Aquaracers that give that reassuring glow all through the night. This one requires that I tilt my wrist toward my face for it to light up but that's an improvement over the old 5200, you have to manually push the button on that one.

    The bracelet is very light and is extremely comfortable, matter of fact the entire watch is light and you ignore that it's even there. I find the ignore thing just wonderful because when you are used to sporting a 2500 dollar Aquaracer it is incumbent upon you to constantly gaze at your watch and wish someone else would feel the same as you about it. That doesn't happen and this G is a welcome change.

    We don't get the signal for wave reception here so time correction is manual. It appears that I set it 2 seconds slow so I'll see how long that takes to change. My experience with the old one is that it can gain up to 50 seconds in a year. Oddly enough I don't check it. I think this has to do with the fact that the G Shock 5600 is an affordable watch so I'm not concerned with perfection. If it turns out to work at HAQ standards just count that as another win I guess.

    I can't do the big Casio models, the Aquaracer 41mm is pushing the limits of what I think looks nondescript on my wrist and this new G fits the criteria perfectly.

    If you are teetering on the brink of buying this watch I'd say go right ahead, I think it's perfect. Not the absolute rock bottom cheapest watch in the line and with a classis Casio appeal.

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    Re: My Thoughts on my new G;

    Enjoy your watches
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    Re: My Thoughts on my new G;

    Excellent review Ard.

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    Re: My Thoughts on my new G;

    Great write up. I like the look of some of the large G shocks, but they're just too large. Therefore squares are the only G Shocks I own, but I do not feel like I'm missing out.

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