My wife's Baby G (BG800-WH)

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    My wife's Baby G (BG800-WH)

    I don't remember if I ever share pic of my wife's Baby G, but here it is. Its a 8 year old BG800-WH.

    Its a tough solar Baby G with a 60 minute STW but a 100 hour CDT, and all the alarm, world time, etc features.

    The dot matrix will show surfing or dolphin swimming animation on the 30 second mark of every minute, and when EL is activiated.

    My wife likes the watch and it has not given us any trouble, its a good-ol' made in Japan Baby G.

    Unfortuniately, I don't think she uses much of the feature besides just telling time ... LOL :D

    Spec: Baby-G: BG-800WH-7 Watch Detail

    1 3 5
    2 4 6 R

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    Re: My wife's Baby G (BG800-WH)

    Cool little watch
    cool signature also

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    Re: My wife's Baby G (BG800-WH)

    Nice watch and it looks in good condition too

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