My Yellow GW-B5600BC
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Thread: My Yellow GW-B5600BC

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    My Yellow GW-B5600BC

    Just yellow GW-B5600BC.
    I am a fan of yellow and black combination so when this was still a rumor, I said to myself that I will going to get one. Upon seeing this watch, It reminded me of the old DW-56RT (Referee timer). So when the released date was announced, I was very excited but ..then..I was torn between the DW-5035E (Glacier Gold) and this watch (GW-B5600BC). I decided to get this. it is...

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    The Combi bracelet is in matte texture just like the one installed in PRW-3100FC.
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    It seems this is not a STN display (I am not sure) but it is more readable than the GW-5000 when you look at an angle.
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    The LCD is just like the one installed in GW-M5610MD-9. Please forgive my dirty yellow watch.
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    Initially, I thought their bezel has the same lettering (in terms of color) but the B5600BC is more of a yellow the other is gold.
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    The combi bracelet is a little longer than the combi bracelet that I got from Tiktox.
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    Here's my wrist shot.....of course.
    Name:  sguNNGk.jpg
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    STN or Not? You are the judge for these are the proofs.
    As compared to GMW-B5000D.

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    Other facts that I discovered.
    1. It seems that the bezel can be interchange with that of GW-5000.
    2. Combi bracelet can be used in other 16mm squares.

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    Re: My Yellow GW-B5600BC

    Rad watch, pictures and info Epal2Apol.

    The lcd definitely looks clearer at an angle when compared to the GW-5000. Good stuff. But Kevio and I were just chatting about this this earlier this morning - to be honest I rarely look at my squares at an angle like that - 98% of the time I look at it straight on. I care more about clarity and darkness of the digits.

    Also cool about the bezel looking like they can be interchanged.

    At first I was not going to buy one of these but after seeing all the pictures people have been posting - it threw me over the edge.
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    Re: My Yellow GW-B5600BC

    Black and Gold go together well, I may be a tad biased though.

    Looks sharp and clean. I think you made the right choice between the two.

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    Re: My Yellow GW-B5600BC

    Interesting new Combi Band design, never seen it before.
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    Re: My Yellow GW-B5600BC

    Here's a video that was just posted about this model.

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    Re: My Yellow GW-B5600BC

    Sorry, wrong post.

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    Re: My Yellow GW-B5600BC

    That fade-in fade-out LED is luscious!

    Can't wait until CASIO releases a version with a maximum-clarity clear LCD!

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    Re: My Yellow GW-B5600BC

    very nice!
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    Re: My Yellow GW-B5600BC

    Congratulations, very nice. I like it much more now seeing your pics compared to the press shots. Enjoy!
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    Re: My Yellow GW-B5600BC

    Thanks for sharing! Seeing more pictures of this watch is pushing me closer to buying one. I'm still a bigger fan of the blue crystal but unfortunately it has a negative display. The yellow background of this display is quite subtle and looks great though.

    Speaking of displays, I wonder how its legibility and contrast compares to that of the GMW-B5000? That display has similar viewing angle and really great contrast.
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