need and buying red rangeman bezel and bands

Thread: need and buying red rangeman bezel and bands

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    need and buying red rangeman bezel and bands

    Buying red bezel and bands for red rangeman I can't find them anywhere

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    Re: need and buying red rangeman bezel and bands has them listed as "Band - Restricted Part/Factory Service Only" : Casio GW9400RD-4 Parts and Accessories

    Casio restricted sales of quite a few unusually colored resin sets a while back: Repair & Service Watch List

    I don't see the GW-9400RD-4 on there, probably because that list was created before the release of the red Rangeman and I'm guessing that the list hasn't been updated recently.

    I'm not sure how they did it, but in the UK had managed to find (and mostly sell out of) some other "Men in Burning Red" resins so you might check with them.

    Replacement resin for those models listed in the second link is usually only available by sending the watch in to Casio for repair, which keeps "rare resin sets" off of eBay.

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