Need expert advise on removing GW-5600 modules

Thread: Need expert advise on removing GW-5600 modules

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    Question Need expert advise on removing GW-5600 modules

    I am working on a GW-5600 stealthing project that requires me to remove the modules from two of my GW-5600s, but I need some expert help.

    The modules in the GW-5600s have an antenna for receiving the time signal calibration that is separate from the module but attached by what looks to be the smallest ribbon cable I have ever seen.

    The antenna is located above the module and under the top part of the resin strap, covered by the bezel. When you remove the back cover and lift out the module, you cannot remove it completely because it is connected to the antenna by a ribbon cable and I can't see how (if it's even possible) to remove the antenna.

    Does anyone know how to remove one of these modules? I'm thinking I would have to remove or undo some tiny screws that hold the ribbon cable to the module, because it doesn't appear to be easy to remove the antenna - unless I'm missing something.

    If anyone has any experience I'd appreciate some technical guidance, otherwise my new stealthing project is on hold - bummer!


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    Re: Need expert advise on removing GW-5600 modules

    Undo the tiny screw holding the ribbon cable to the module. If you try to remove the receiver/antenna combo (yes it is combined)

    Don't lose the screws(or screw)



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    Re: Need expert advise on removing GW-5600 modules

    How about taking step by step pictures so we can see what you do? It'd be useful for anyone who might have the same idea.

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