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    Question Need help

    Hi, looking at purchasing my first G-shock (always wanted one just been put off by the crazy pricing strategy Casio South Africa applies - to illustrate, the only mudman available here is the G9000 going at the equivalent of $145 - so **** that really). Got a connection traveling to the states end of August and will probably go through amazon or HBwatches and have it delivered at the hotel.

    To get to the point, i would like to ask you for help in getting some input on what a good first G would be. Some requirements:

    1] must be a full-size g-shock (I understand that some are more flimsy than others)
    2] Must be of the "Rubber" or poly what have you variety
    3] Must be digital
    4] Must be priced at under $160

    So, if you could offer some advise I would be grateful


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    Re: Need help

    Need some more information, really - like what timekeeping functions you want, whether solar power or atomic timekeeping are important, etc.

    I wouldn't say that any G-Shock is flimsy - they wouldn't be a G if they were! There is very little difference, if any at all, in the respective toughness of the watches. What differences there are, are mainly perceived rather than actual.

    It's also hard to say what constitutes a 'full-size' G. Frogmans are bigger than most, the 6900 can be thought of as 'regular' size, except that Casio's idea of 'regular' seems to have dropped to the size of the 2300 series.
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    Re: Need help

    Tribe's got a point. One man's flimsy is another man's big honking watch. Do you have large or small wrists? It's funny the 2310 was mentioned because that was exactly what I was going to suggest...

    (this is a ltd. ed. G-Viper. Don't be put off if you are.. the standard 2310's have a more conventional color scheme)

    It's what you would call one of the more recent, full-sized G's out there. Nothing as large as the Raysman but its definitely not flimsy. Goes for $100 USD or less most places and your buddy can get one at either JCPenney's or Sears in the States.

    Here are its list of features:

    - 12/24HR time.
    - World time for 25+ major cities. (Has IMO, the best looking world time out of most G's.. it still displays the local time so its great for traveling)
    - Countdown timer.
    - Stopwatch.
    - 30 pages telememo for phone numbers.
    - Auto EL backlight.
    - Tough Solar.

    I think that's pretty much it. A very tough, rugged, dependable watch. Can't go wrong with this as your 1st G' if you decide to do it.

    Hope this helps.


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    Re: Need help

    Thanks for the info so far - some more reqs from me are:

    1] Would really like tough solar capability
    2] No need for the atomic function as South Africa does not seem to enjoy coverage.
    3] Looked at a G7600 today, just thought it a bit small (my thinking is that a G-shock should by definition be large and imposing - a small g-shock seems akin to a subaru wrx-sti not painted wrc blue if you know what i mean)
    4] To be honest is will in all likelyhood just use the G to indicate time and date

    It seems to me that a frogman would be the answer - perhaps someone could furnisgh me with a pic of a frogman next to something smaller for comparison? Oh and loco - dig the Viper, i take it the standard 2310 shares the same module as frogman? Is is much smaller that the Frogman?

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    Re: Need help

    Quote Originally Posted by Brazzoli
    ... dig the Viper, i take it the standard 2310 shares the same module as frogman? Is is much smaller that the Frogman?
    They don't share the same module, the Frogman has less features than the 2300/2310 but the Frogman is bigger.

    If you really want to check out each watch's features, here's a good link:

    The Frogman's module is 2422 (the solar Frog, at least).

    The 2300/2310 module is 2184.

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