Need help deciding between too many G's (G-9000, GD-350, GD-400)
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Thread: Need help deciding between too many G's (G-9000, GD-350, GD-400)

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    Need help deciding between too many G's (G-9000, GD-350, GD-400)

    I've become bored with my everyday watch (GW-5600-1), and with Christmas right around the corner I'm in the market for an every other day watch.

    So originally, I had my heart set on the G-9000-1V. Then, I started shopping around, uh-oh. Here's a list of my favorites on the market under $100:

    GD-400 (Blue, Green, or Khaki)

    How are the negative displays on the G-9000-3V and the Green GD-400? This will be a big deciding factor; since I had previously worn a negative display GW-6900 and found it difficult to read in low-light.

    Any thoughts on the GD-400's band? Pictures would be appreciated.

    How much bigger than my GW-5600 are these watches, 51mm means very little to me.

    Any pictures comparing the above watches would be nice.

    I've always worn a black G, so I'm a little afraid of color. The green GD-400 is the one I think I'm leaning the most towards from a visual standpoint. However, I don't want to get it as a watch I'll wear a few days out of the week and absolutely hate the display.

    Or I might just stick with black and get one that I feel is impossible to read but so incredibly stylish, the GW2310FB-1CR.

    Help point me in the right direction, and if there are any similar watches in this price range that you guys like, I'm open to suggestions.

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    Re: Need help deciding between too many G's (G-9000, GD-350, GD-400)

    IMO, The G-9000 is a great watch with a great feature set. Some do not like the hard to push buttons. It has never bothered me. The negative G-9000 will be hard to read. The newer GD-400 will have better screen resolution over the G-9000.

    Some folks here love the GD-350. It is not my type of watch. I bought A GD-350-8 and loved the color but returned in in under 1 hour. For me, the strap was uncomfortable. The count down indicators off to the left quickly drove me nuts as well. I know the modules have a little "float" to them in the case. But every 350 I have seen has a crooked module or a crooked ring.

    The GD-400 also has button guards similar to the DW-9052. Again, not a fan of those.

    Ultimately the best thing to do is go window shopping at a mall and try on several to see how they feel and look to you.

    Back to my suggestion..... get the G-9000
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    Re: Need help deciding between too many G's (G-9000, GD-350, GD-400)

    I love my 9000, but the negative display drives me crazy at times. And while the buttons are workable I find them annoying. I have a gd 350 and mine is perfectly straight , It is what I wear the most and find it very comfortable on my 7 inch wrist.

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    Re: Need help deciding between too many G's (G-9000, GD-350, GD-400)


    I had stormtrooper (-8) version for few months. Button were really annoying for me, the watch gained 19 seconds per month. It was getting dirty very fast. Mudman was too small for my wrist.


    I had grey (-8) version for few months. I loved the features and the look, but the watch was extremely uncomfortable on my wrist. I removed the wings, but it did not help a lot. GD-350 gained 4 seconds per month.


    I have it now for one month and just love it. I did not wear my Kings since I got it. I think it says a lot.
    First I didn't like the style of displaying the day of week (made from dashes not dots), but it is not so important. There is no snooze alarm.
    What do I like? Color (red), bullbars, band with nice texture, direct access to 4 time zones and general feeling.
    Watch gained 3 seconds per month.

    Negative displays

    GD-350 has the best negative display among G-Shocks, G-9000 has one of the worst and GD-400 is in the middle, but imho worse than King.

    Some pictures taken by me:

    Name:  Casio Family 34.jpg
Views: 1580
Size:  265.9 KB

    Name:  Stromtrooper King 02.jpg
Views: 1492
Size:  294.7 KB

    Name:  Vibe 09.jpg
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    and taken from the web:

    Name:  GD-350 1.jpg
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    Name:  GD-350 2.jpg
Views: 1516
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    Cheers, Piowa
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    Re: Need help deciding between too many G's (G-9000, GD-350, GD-400)

    I would also recommend the G-9000 positive display, the module is just awesome and the buttons are not that hard to press but they are stiffer than most Gs.

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    Re: Need help deciding between too many G's (G-9000, GD-350, GD-400)

    piowa, your GD-400 looks awesome !!!
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    Re: Need help deciding between too many G's (G-9000, GD-350, GD-400)

    For a size comparison-

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