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    Need Help Identifying Watch...

    Hello G-shockers, I need help. I have this watch that seems to be an old what ever it is. I only bring it to this forum for two things. 1 it says Shock resistant on the back (could possibly be a very, very old G-shock) and waterproof. It's been driving me crazy cause I want to restore it. I have a couple of scanned images. If anyone can help me out it's greatly appreciated. And the name is kind of on the top but it's mostly screwed up.

    Image 1 Front

    Image 2 Back

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    Re: Need Help Identifying Watch...

    It sure looks like "Seiko" (Japanese) in the old script style, under the 12. But the band says "Hong Kong" (Chinese). Hmmm.

    As far as "Shock Resistant" goes, many watches from that era claimed that feature; it's not a G-Shock exclusive. However, G-Shocks are the MOST shock resistant, as we all know. :) That's just one of the reasons we love them so. :) Also, "Anti-Magnetic" is telling, since that was a popular feature to mention in the 60s and 70s.

    Who knows for sure? It could be a generic Asian watch worth nothing, or a valuable piece sought after by collectors. :) I hope someone has the answer.
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    Re: Need Help Identifying Watch...

    It looks to me to be a Seiko from about the 1950s, I've seen that type of script font used by them before and the caseback looks typical of theirs too. Difficult to be sure as most watches from that period looked much the same.
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    Re: Need Help Identifying Watch...

    Quote Originally Posted by Artistmike View Post
    It looks to me to be a Seiko from about the 1950s
    I think you're right.

    'Shock protection' will just refer to 'incabloc' or something of the sort.
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    Re: Need Help Identifying Watch...

    Thanks for the help guys...

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    Re: Need Help Identifying Watch...

    IF you open the caseback cover, you may be able to see more information.
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