Need help with my Casio DBC-610 watch!

Thread: Need help with my Casio DBC-610 watch!

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    Need help with my Casio DBC-610 watch!

    I know this isn't a G-shock, but I don't see any other Casio section. I have a Casio DBC-610 watch with tele memo and a schedule, etc. I accidentally made new sections in the tele memo which I do not need, and I also scheduled something incorrectly. I want to know if there is a way to delete entries in the tele memo and schedule. I tried making all the characters blank but those blank pages still get sorted in with the rest of my contacts I have on the watch. Is there no delete function?? There is little information on these things, or at least not as specific information. I have a manual for this watch and it doesn't say how to delete entries made. Please help, this is frustrating me.

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    Re: Need help with my Casio DBC-610 watch!

    This is on page 2 of the manual for the watch. Try it to see if it works.

    To delete a specific telememo data

    1. While in the Telememo Mode, use [÷/MC] or [+/M+] to display the data item you want to delete.
    2. Press 'A' and the cursor appears on the display.
    3. Hold down 'C' until the message "CLEAR" appears on the display and a beep sounds.
    4. Input new data or press 'A' to the normal Telememo Mode.

    Very similar instructions appear on the same page for deleting Schedule data. Here's the link to the manual:

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