Hello everybody,

I would like to have a Casio (G-Shock) for more formal occasions.
First I set my eyes on the Casio Oceanus ocw-s100-ajf, but then I stumbled upon the MRG-7600D.
I really like the design and I think it is the best candidate so far. However, what is not clear to me is that there seem to two versions of this watch, the MRG-7600D-1AJF and the MRG-7600D-1BJF, are these two identical watches or are there some differences?
Furthermore, I'm a little bit concerned about the light, I read some complaints that this led light will be not sufficient enough to read the actualy time in darkness, is this true or is the light sufficient?
At last it will be really nice to hear some comments or maybe a small review from people who own this watch, are you happy with it, how is the overall quality, etc..

Thank in advance for your help!

PS.: if there are some people who would like to sell their MRG-7600D I'm really interested..