Never Thought I would find it !!

Thread: Never Thought I would find it !!

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    Never Thought I would find it !!

    I took my little sis shopping last Friday night, as there was a big sale on at the local shopping centre (mall). I was having a look at the watches, when I spotted what looked like a classic DW-6900, it was marked at $199 (AUS) $155 (US). I thought wow this dare for a DW-6900, I had a closer look and realise it was a G-7210-1 . This is the watch I have wanted to buy for my dad but could never get my hand on it. I asked the sales-woman for the prices and she said that they where having a sale and that its $185 (AUS) this I thought was still to dear , but asked her to hold it for me til Saturday. On Saturday I was busy and could not make my way to the store so I thought that they already sold it :oops: . Sunday I went in to the CBD and search high and low, but no luck O| . Australia-Melbourne has a really poor collection of G's, Ozzie can second that O| . Anyway, I was really getting down as I thought that I had the chances to buy it but miss out because I hesitated :-S . So I went back to the mall and I asked the sale-woman about the G-7210-1. To my surprise they still had it . She wasn't the same person that serves me on Friday so I ask her what was the best she could do? She checked her book and said that the best she could do was $155 (cash). I almost jump out of my skin :-D :-D . I kind of thought about it for awhile , I think she could see that and said that if I really wanted it I can have it for $130 (Aus). I BROUGHT IT!! :gold :gold I could not believe my luck. If I had brought it on Friday I would have paid $200 for it . I waited an extra day and saved $70 of the price . I think I got a real good deal as I saw in Japan they were still going for 11000-16000 yen for it. The GL-7210-1:gold :gold :gold :gold :gold :gold :gold

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    Re: Never Thought I would find it !!

    That's awesome Mick

    You can find these models obviously in Sydney or Melbourne, not much up here in Cairns

    Better to support the national economy

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    Re: Never Thought I would find it !!

    Nice little story of watch-lust.
    I used to list my watches here until I realised it ruined people's Google searches...

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