New Acquisition - an MR-G wanna-be?

Thread: New Acquisition - an MR-G wanna-be?

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    New Acquisition - an MR-G wanna-be?

    Yet another 'Blame it on WUS' .... It all started when I first saw an image of the MRG-100 in someone's post, and I really liked its looks. Then I found how challenging it may be to get a hold of, let alone its cost. Like many others' comments, I would love to see the old MR-G digital all metal style revived with modern features like multiband, solar, etc. So looking around I found the GW-600 series and found that while not nearly as cool as the old MRG-100, it is similar in looks, has atomic/solar, even a 60 min CDT... and pretty cheap to boot! In fact it is not a bad alternative at all! I was looking for a dressier digital G, not black but SS. Many of the other SS digitals have a lot of resin all over their fronts, but the GW-600 is all SS except where the case joins the bracelet. The module is still resin but hard to see, and the caseback is the standard 4-screw SS. If it was all SS like the MR-G, man it would be perfect!

    Is it me, but there are definite cues of the MRG-100 in the GW-600



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    Re: New Acquisition - an MR-G wanna-be?

    To me it's more reminiscent of the GW-400J Silencer, with the "flat bottom" part of the case and the horizontal bar across the module. Nice watch, and one you don't see too often. I'd love to see an updated Silencer in stainless steel like that.


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    Re: New Acquisition - an MR-G wanna-be?


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    Re: New Acquisition - an MR-G wanna-be?

    thanks for sharing. it's interesting to me how quickly casio has "up'd" the styling and price (and comensurately - they hope - stature) of the mrg, the giez, and also the master of g and frogmen.

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