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    New Baby-G (BGR3000J-7ACR)

    Last year I have purchased nine watches and till now zero. So it was time
    I like the solar/atomic feature so when I read about a Baby-G, my interest
    was woken up.
    There is a white/gold en a black/gold model.
    I choose the white/gold model because I don't like black in general.
    I do have black one (the all black Citizen) but that is an exception
    Because I have a small wrist it is much easier to wear than a ProTrek1500,
    to mention a big one.

    Yesterday the Baby-G it came from Tiktox.
    It seems it is more difficult for te watch to update the atomic signal.
    I have to found out where the best place in the house would be.
    My MIRO Mudman update without a problem on the table in the sleeping room. (north)
    Baby-G won't. Tonight I am leaving her in the living room pointing south.
    The watch weighs almost nothing (37 grams) en the plastic band wears very comfortable.

    Now I am awaiting my new atomic/solar Gulfman MIIW.
    It is at the Customs office.

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    Re: New Baby-G (BGR3000J-7ACR)

    Congratulations! That's a pretty nice looking Baby-G. Enjoy it.

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