New Casio Digital Watch Feature: Terrorism

Thread: New Casio Digital Watch Feature: Terrorism

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    New Casio Digital Watch Feature: Terrorism

    This is the first time I've read this. Crazy>>> Here the link.


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    Re: New Casio Digital Watch Feature: Terrorism

    That's been around for awhile someone else posted that link before

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    Re: New Casio Digital Watch Feature: Terrorism

    timex and suunto have the same thing, why single out casio alone?

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    Wink Re: New Casio Digital Watch Feature: Terrorism

    Actually the watches used by terrorists are not ProTreks or G-Shock's but very cheap worldwide available models. The reason is that the timekeeping is very precise and that the modules can be used as triggers for time bombs. It's easy to trace the electrical current that occurs when the alarm goes off. Probably between the cack and the alarm spring.

    Therefore forbiding people to wear sensor or other Casio watches is just nonsense. The watches are available everywhere in big numbers and half the world wear similar models.


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