New DW5600 bezel issue?? Or not....

Thread: New DW5600 bezel issue?? Or not....

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    New DW5600 bezel issue?? Or not....

    I bought a new bezel for my old old DW5600 and couldnt be happier to get it! It was my first G Shock and i wore it all over the world since the late 1980’s(??). That said compared to a new DW-5600E i got to replace it while broken the color of the lettering seems a bit bright. Like Ross’s teeth if you know the Friends reference!😁

    Does anyone know a sure fire way to “age” it or tone it down a little? Or should i juat let it be.....

    Btw love the old 901 module! Wish the new one could do the dual time feature for UTC. Really handy. Thanks!

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    try coffee...

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    Re: New DW5600 bezel issue?? Or not....

    Quote Originally Posted by Everdying View Post
    try coffee...
    Haha! Brilliant! Works wonders on staining my teeth!


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