New to forum, question about first Casio

Thread: New to forum, question about first Casio

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    New to forum, question about first Casio

    I have been looking at getting my first Casio and discovered this great forum. I know the forum is for G-shock watches but I had a question about Sea/Pathfinders and hope that is okay.

    I want to get a Casio with an altimeter, depth gauge and barometer, and it appears that the only watch with both altimeter and depth gauge is the SPF 60, which I thought is discontinued. Does anyone know if the SPF60 is a good watch (the depth gauge does not appear to have the same range as some of the newer Sea Pathfinders)? I could not find pictures of the back of the watch and was wondering if the band could be changed (the band appears to be part of the watch case)?

    Pushing my luck a little since I have not found this, my ideal watch would be a Solar version with depth, altimeter and barometer - anyone know of a watch like this? It appears that the newer watches have either a depth guage or altimeter and I was wondering if anyone knew why they do not have watches with both anymore?

    Thanks in advance for your help.


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    Re: New to forum, question about first Casio

    I have a few SPF myself and they certainly are great looking models.

    I haven't used or really tried them enough to vouch, but I'm sure Dingo or someone who has this experience will shoot along soon

    Nice to meet you anyway

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    Re: New to forum, question about first Casio

    As far as I know (after extensive research) is that the SPF60's are the only watches right now with both Alt and Depth meters. They are not discontinued yet as far as I know, but they are not available on all markets.

    I think the Depth meter is up to 30m and the watch is not Solar. It's battery operated. The other other thing I haven't been able to find is if the hands light up in the dark.

    Another cool feature is that it has a rotating bezel which you can use to time yourself in a hurry (like a divers watch) instead of using the Timer/Stopwatch.

    The band is replaceable, but I am not familiar if there are any aftermarket bands/bracelets that will fit.

    I have a PRG80YT and the SPF60 is definitely a Pathfinder model I would love to get. The 100% Seapathfinders with no Altimeter do have a higher range of measurements. But then again, I don't dive more than 5-10 meters anyway. (more pics and from the back)
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    Re: New to forum, question about first Casio

    Thanks for the replies!

    I am really leaning towards this watch, but I am wondering if I should wait a little longer to see if any new models are released (for Christmas?). Does anyone know if Casio will be releasing any new watches in the upcoming months (i.e., do they typically release new watches at certain times of the year)?

    Also, for the non-solar watches, is changing the battery as simple as removing the back and replacing it? Nothing special needs to be done to retain the water resistant rating?

    Thanks again


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    Wink Re: New to forum, question about first Casio

    Hi Jay,

    Welcome to our G-Shock forum. As you probably have notice, our talk doesn't stop at G-Shock only. A lot of us own ProTrek models. I don't know a Sea-Pathfinder or SPF-60, so I have no experience with the depth gauge. As I am a mountainbiker, I'm interested in altitudes. Since I'm a poor diver I don't need a depth gauge. I actually wondered the same thing about the altimeter and depth gauge. In fact, models with a depth gauge have a barometer. The altimeter is in fact a function of the barometer, so a little software addition could add an extra altimeter.

    Maybe the problem lies with the recorder functions, whch needs double memory if you want to trace depth and altitude.


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