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    New G-800d-1vdr

    Has anyone seen the new MUDMAN ( G-800D-1VDR) ? What do you guys think? what is it fuctions? I have always wanted a Mudman but the classic one the 8400. I have got a small wrist, but I guess it alright for a sport watch to be a bit big and chunky. Never like the new one much, could not understand why Casio charge the Mudman for the old classic was alot better looking in my opinion, just my. Saw the new one the other day, still don't like it as much as the old one (base on looks only). Compare to the G-9000 it looks alot better, so I might just have to buy a mudman after all.

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    Hi Mick,

    I think the new models look cool. Some people complain about the compressed display, but I think it looks OK for me. I think I will eventually get the black coated model.


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