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    New G strap options

    I got a GW2500B-1A about two weeks ago and its been the only watch i've worn since then. I've dressed it down with shorts and Tee and i've dressed it up with nice jeans and a nice shirt and it works both ways. I think it has to do with the fact it doesn't look like a digital watch until you get closse to it. Plus with the black case that helps too. What i was wondering is, what kind of strap options do i have? Can i get a g-shock braclet and swap it out? Would i be able to do a leather strap? any options would be great.

    Such an awesome watch the display is so clear it makes me think it has AR coating on it even though it doesnt say it does in the manual.


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    Re: New G strap options

    The GW-2500BD comes on a bracelet, so you could fit that bracelet. No other options, as far as I'm aware.
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