New GW5600J-1 found in a local outfitter store
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Thread: New GW5600J-1 found in a local outfitter store

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    Picture New GW5600J-1 found in a local outfitter store

    I stopped by a local outfitter store to pick up some supplies and I found a brand new GW5600J-1 in the display case
    I tried to activate manual receive twice but it didn't work so I tried it in different direction facing out to the window and it worked on the third attempt.
    The band feels nicer and more comfortable than my DW5600 and the digits are bigger and clearer. I like the little details on the watch like the G logo on the buckle and the carbon-fiber pattern in the dial.
    Overall I am very happy with this buy!

    Pics for your enjoyment:

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    Re: New GW5600J-1 found in a local outfitter store

    IMHO that's the best 5600 ever made! Like you said, the little details it has...
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    Re: New GW5600J-1 found in a local outfitter store

    Love the big digits and clean face. Congrats!

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    Re: New GW5600J-1 found in a local outfitter store

    Someone's selling the watch in my area.

    How good is the atomic syncing? Does it have better reception than your GW-M5610TH?
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    Re: New GW5600J-1 found in a local outfitter store

    Congrats on your very wise purchase.

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    I also like the GW5600J a great deal, I have worn it now continously since I fell out of love with my MT-G910. You are right, it's so much more comfortable to wear than a DW5600 or a G5600. I don't know why that is the case but my suspicion is the resin is a very different composition.
    You are also spot on with your comment on the little details. I also like the almost completely monochrome writing on the face, the pretty awesome and unique caseback design, the little G on the buckle, the strap keeper is a tenacious thing and hasn't slipped off the strap in the whole time I've worn it, I also like the pattern on the band, the chunky digits and it's almost perfect shape and design.
    It's feature set is perfect for me and I am definitely not left wanting but my needs in a digital watch are quite simple.
    Another thing about my GW5600J is although I don't live in a reception area for Atomic signal, I set it to match in early November of last year and it has only gained 3 seconds in that time. That is a gain of about +0.5 sec per month which is pretty good. Currently now that I am wearing it permanently it seems to have stopped gaining.
    I got it from Amazon for $73 (I wish I'd bought two now)and that is pretty good for what you get, fantastic value for money and the only 5600 anyone ever really should need. The only other 5000 series watch I could possibly want more is the GW5000 but at those prices it's bang for buck doesn't really work for me.
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    Re: New GW5600J-1 found in a local outfitter store

    Nice's one of my Favorites.

    Have a great day.

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