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    New incommer, not a G

    Hi G`zzzzz

    I've been looking for a casio vintage and found this on Ebay (brand new) and had to have one like that. According to the seller is this a rare model (experts can deny or confirm this).

    "This is an Analogue watch, and has Already stopped production.
    It is very strange two Spb NEW Analogue watch. "

    " Model No.: PGW-30 ( Casio Penta Graph diver watch)

    Movement: Japan Movement Casio
    Case: Plastic casing
    Back: Stainless Steel
    Colour: Red
    Special Feature: 5 multi-function alarm, 10-hour competition, Twin counter, Stop Watch
    Strap: Original Casio Bracelet
    Size: Watch Width 40 mm (Exclude Push Button), Thickness 11 mm
    Condition: New Condition
    Quality Control: 100% Authentic Casio Watch (Made in Japan)"

    What do you think?! Does anyone have one of these??!
    For fun's sake, guess an approx. Price??

    Cheers :thanks

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    Re: New incommer, not a G

    That's pretty cool, never seen something like that before

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    Re: New incommer, not a G

    Very weird! I found a pic of that model at watchshock:

    Probably about £40?

    The Search function on vBulletin forums isn't very smart. If you want to search for a complete string in the G-Shock forum, or for posts which include multiple words, use Google, and enter into the search box. Then use normal google syntax after that to enter your search.

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    Re: New incommer, not a G

    i used to have a steel version of this with the same modul. very good stpw features but sadly not light function!
    gerry fonklover

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