New into G-Shocks and loving it!
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Thread: New into G-Shocks and loving it!

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    New into G-Shocks and loving it!

    I was always hesitant to move into digitals, and especially G-Shocks as it seems a little "childish" but how WRONG was I. Pulled the trigger on not one, but two! And here they are:-

    I wanted the tide graph as i work in a resort hotel by the sea with a marina, so it comes in handy sometimes, so i took the GLX-5600-1. Was a pain at first trying to set the tide/moon graph but once got to know how it works, it's fine. Only problem is will have to re-set the lunitidal difference every once a while. But love the watch, does what it does best, time and tide.

    The DW-5600BB-1 on the other hand is a real beauty. Photos do not do justice to this watch. The stealth look is just amazing.

    By the way, I also ordered the Rangeman GW-9400BJ-1 and it's on the way from Japan. I think i need some counseling. This is highly addictive!
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    Re: New into G-Shocks and loving it!

    lol. welcome to the addiction.
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    Re: New into G-Shocks and loving it!

    And the descent begins...
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    Re: New into G-Shocks and loving it!

    Dangerous waters ahead... Good thing you have the tidal graph!
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    Hail to the King, baby.

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