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    Off topic New Model Oceanus Ana/Digi

    Was perusing & came upon this. Even Casio's Oceanus line is going back to ana/digi. Interesting The MTG's has gone there as well. I wonder if they'll do that to their MRG line?

    Casio Oceanus [TOUGH MVT. MULTIBAND 6] OCW-T400TB-1AJF

    Just released on Dec 17, 2008 in Japan

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    Re: New Model Oceanus Ana/Digi

    I tried that one on the other day. It's a real looker...

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    Re: New Model Oceanus Ana/Digi

    Perfect timing...I was ready to by another Attesa because the Oceanus Analogs were too difficult to operate. I may have to pick one of these up. More traditional styling and a much more traditional price.

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