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    New Mr. G?


    i have a Mr.G, model 7500BJ. is casio coming out with a newer model for 2008? if so, how does the new model differ from the 7500BJ?

    as an aside, i like the Mr. G, but to be honest, it is much more cumbersome than the simpler, resin models. i know that the Mr.G is the top of the line, and is supposed to be a technological wonder, more sophisticated than the regular models (for the price tag, it should be). swithcing modes on it is much slower. you switch to world time, for instance, and you have to wait a while for the watch to do its thing. it's fun to watch it do its thing, but the platic models are quicker--a push of a button, and there you are with the info you want right away.

    thanks for any input or comments.


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    Re: New Mr. G?

    I think there's an MRG8000 model coming out. Not sure what the spec differences are though. You can't hope to have an analog compete with a digital for instant response and's part of the charm of an analog multi-function, 5 motor watch.

    I'd like to see Casio make an all-digital MR-G with DLC titanium, sapphire crystal etc....but for a lot less than the analog models.

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