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    New... Please Help...Retail in Vancouver BC


    Im new to the site. Been doing a lot of reading before signing up. I've collected G-shocks many many years ago, introduced by my cousins in Hong kong. But now I have the money to purchase myself. I reside in Vancouver BC, but I can't find any retail shops that sell G's. Ive tried "Big box" retail stors like the bay and sears , but very limited watches. Im still one of those people who are perinoid about buying stuff over the internet, especially off of e-bay (fake/ripoff). Can someone tell me, if any, retail shops in vancouver or canada that I can purchase g's (frog, gulf, 25th anniv etc.) Or worst comes to worst, any reliable sites where I can buy proven genuine g's. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: New... Please Help...Retail in Vancouver BC

    There are a few of us from Vancouver here, and one of the members posted about a couple of shops he found downtown that sell G's awhile ago. However, they're still very expensive (retail price) compared to the net, from what I remember.

    You can try - I've gotten a few watches from them with no problems. You could also try jj_watches on ebay. Just received one from there with no problems. There are a whole list of websites and ebay sellers that people here can probably point you to.

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