New strap for a GW4000D-1A???

Thread: New strap for a GW4000D-1A???

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    New strap for a GW4000D-1A???

    Tried posting pictures of the watch but my low post count will not let me :(
    G Shock GW4000D-1A

    I'll try and keep it short and to the point. I don't have a big collection, and I might lack proper terminology; please bear with me. I've had this watch for a some time now, and obviously has some wear and tear... Like the title suggest I would like a new strap. I don't care for the metal bracelet and leaning towards a leather strap. Changing the strap seems fairly easy; but the connection point of watch face and strap seem to differ from most of the straps I've looked at.

    So questions:
    What type of straps should I be looking at?
    Is there a certain size or connection type to be looking for?
    Is an adapter any possibility?
    Any recommendations of merchants?
    -Buying from the USA

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: New strap for a GW4000D-1A???

    Pretty sure this will be near on impossible as a 'standard' mod. There are no adapters available for this watch either which may have let you fit a leather Nato or Zulu strap. On the positive side, if you do discover a solution, the bracelet strap should be easy to sell on...
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