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    Question Nice Watch For The Wife

    My wife wants the watch below. Anyone know if these are quality watches? Her main concern is that she hopes that the watch is not too big. She would wear this as a dress watch. Thanks for any input.


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    Re: Nice Watch For The Wife

    Hmm, it's a nice sturdy looking Baby-G and I'm sure with the same high quality you'd expect from any Casio product. Not really my top pick for a dress watch for the ladies but if your wife likes it then she should definitely consider picking one up, though I'd recommend checking it (and of course other Baby-Gs in that series) out in person first, assuming that's possible. Here are some specs on that watch: 50.4×39.6×13.7mm(HxWxD)/66.6g. Hope this helps...

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    Re: Nice Watch For The Wife

    Baby G's are great watches. Similar features (tough wise) as any other G. My wife has one similar, and loves it. Get it, no worries.

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