Hello everybody!

Please read this original announcement in the SCWF:

Please vote for your favourite amongst the photo contest winners of the last 12 month (actually we had 11 contest, but one ended with 2 winners - so we have 12 winners in total) by using the voting option.
I will leave the voting open for 1 week.

Even, if it will be easy for you to find out the winners names, I encourage you to vote for the pic you like most and not for the photographer.

I hope there was no mistake compiling the entries.

Ok, here we go:

1) There is nothing in the dark that isn't there when the lights are on. (original contest theme: "In the Dark")

2) Golden Speed-Timer (original contest theme: "Details")

3) Burger-Time (original contest theme: "Leather")

4) Three Steps To Heaven (original contest theme: "Stairs")

5) Morning dew (original contest theme: "Black and White")

6) Imaginary Glow (original contest theme: "It's complicated")

7) What doesn't it do? (original contest theme: "It's complicated")

8) It's a Seiko (original contest theme: "Soul")

9) Sea Lion at Night (original contest theme: "Lume")

10 ) Take the time for the pure beauty (original contest theme: "Beauty")

11) Coming up for air (original contest theme: "Air")

12) Sumo in Springtime (original contest theme: "Spring")

Best regards,