Normal price for 5400 and 5700 bezel

Thread: Normal price for 5400 and 5700 bezel

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    Question Normal price for 5400 and 5700 bezel

    What can be a "normal" price to pay for dw-5400 and dw-5700 bezels?
    Thanks in advance!!!

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    Re: Normal price for 5400 and 5700 bezel

    Hi Mouse,

    These bezels ( DW5400C and DW5700C)are no longer being produced and are extremely difficult to obtain. I have seen them sold at auctions and they have fetched $50 or more for a new one. I guess it all depends on how much you like the DW5400/5700 series. Initially I preferred the
    " square" look of the DW5XXX series, but DW5400/5700 series has grown on me and I appreciate them just as much. I think, they're definitely a must have for a vintage collector.

    Happy Hunting.

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