It is not surprising for counterfeiters to produce fake Rolex, Omega and other famous brands watches. Sadly but true, they also produce fake Casio EF watches and sell on Ebay with bargaining price.

Models include but not limited to: EF-328d, 316d, 524sp, 534d, 527d, 539d, 540d, 545d, 550d, EFE-503.
All new authentic Edifice watches now come with a laser sticker in the back of case with Casio Logo. Pirated one comes with a sticker with a red strip and poor finishing.

It is quite easy to spot them, they only sell non-solar powered Casio watches with limited models. And of course, for high end Casio model like EFE-, EFX-, their price is crazy.

For example, this seller is extremely suspicious
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The price they offer is not even close to the cost for resellers.

For other famous brands like D&G, Tissot, Burberry, Armani, they also sell them on Ebay for "cut throat" price.

Please report to Ebay if you bought any fake fake there, no tolerance for pirates!!

From A small watch reseller in Hongkong