One FAKE G-SHOCK I'm not even mad at!!

Thread: One FAKE G-SHOCK I'm not even mad at!!

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    Laughing One FAKE G-SHOCK I'm not even mad at!!

    I get FURIOUS when people say fake g-shocks online, especially when they really try to fool potential buyers by surrounding the fake watches with authentic packaging and manuels. However, I saw this fake "G" on the 'bay, but it's not just a fake. It's actually a spy video/photo camera, that can also record audio, disguised as a G-SHock. This is listed at over $200, and for all I know maybe it's worth it. (I really know nothing about spy cameras) Anyways, I just I'd share this with all of you, because after all, when do you see a respectable fake g-shock...hehe.
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    Re: One FAKE G-SHOCK I'm not even mad at!!

    I've seen that one before some time ago on a street in Kuala Lumpur that specialises in all sorts of dodgy electronics. The "SUN" you see there isn't actually a digital readout but printed, so it doesn't change and would look strange on any other day of the week! I think it was retailing for about $80 (USD) or definitely less that $100 anyway. I've got no idea how it actually works though cos I only looked at it behind a display when it caught my eye (you know...anything with the words "G-Shock" on it...)

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    Re: One FAKE G-SHOCK I'm not even mad at!!

    Comparable (not labeled G-shock and Shock resist, though) Camera/audio watches can be had from 29,95 new from time to time.

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