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    One question my friends:

    The models dw5000/5200 had been the pioneers in steel. With this the Casio conquered the market. It is fact that the first models possess spare parts until the present day in many cases. The question is: Why Casio today manufactures G-Shocks of plastic resin with a useful life of 10 years? A time that they manufacture model on model, does not obtain to keep spare parts in the market, being stimulated the consumer to acquire another model. The fame "G-Shock" of the first ones if does not apply to many manufactured current models in plastic resin.The current models manufactured in steel or titanium is very expensive and are the minority.
    I love G-shocks but we have a problem..

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    Wink Re: One question my friends:

    Hi Casios,

    I think the first DW-5X00 series have evolved into the DW-5600E, which is still a basic model since 1996. Also the DW-6600 and DW-6900 are classics released around that time and still produced. As far as I know you still can get spare parts of these models (at least the watchbands). The original concept was that a G-Shock watch attery should "live" for at least 10 years (and the watch too of course). I think most models will easily survive those 10 years.


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