One of these needs calibration ?
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Thread: One of these needs calibration ?

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    One of these needs calibration ?

    I'm really not sure if it's the travel clock...

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    Re: One of these needs calibration ?

    I'm pretty sure the Rangeman needs some calibration. 29:65 hours, doesn't look too good to me

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    Re: One of these needs calibration ?

    Quote Originally Posted by STEELINOX View Post
    I'm really not sure if it's the travel clock...

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    One, or the other, or both may not be displaying an accurate temperature.

    First, it is important to realize that the primary use of the temperature info on your watch is so the watch itself "knows" the temperature of the internal sensor(s) so a correct formula can be used to display barometric pressure and altitude (if your watch is capable) values. The watch is not very good at displaying ambient temperature because the temperature sensor is not directly exposed to the atmosphere and varies a great deal whether worn or not - and varies a different amount depending on the ambient temperature, i.e., a constant correction factor cannot be applied.

    If you really want to know which device is displaying a more accurate temperature, you need a known accurate reference device, such as one of these:

    Allow all three devices - watch, travel clock and reference - to equilibrate to ambient temperature (could take several hours for the watch/clock) and you will be able to see which is more accurate at the tested ambient temperature.

    Also please be aware that when your two devices are tested at a higher or lower ambient temperature, the results may well be different.

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