Only G shock and peace!
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Thread: Only G shock and peace!

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    Only G shock and peace!

    Glad to have the site up again! For a moment i have thought the last posts of gun and politics and so called freedom of speech has upset the world outside this forum that the site was being hacked into out of hatreds..... so i hope no more of suchs posts, i thinks Sjor will agree with me, getting literally sick and yet has to control things from getting out of hand. Nothing wrong with freedom of speech?! With G shock topics it is ok but with politics, the freedom of cartoons expression has develop into outrage of others freedom of speech which has got out of hands as most would have known now. So give peace a chance and stick to what this forum is for, guns and politics have got their own forum out there. Have a good weekend! Antman, frogman, Gaussman, Raysman, wademan mudman, G shocks are heavenly sent! Please no more politically follows up issue after mine, apologies if i have started it unitentionally.
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    Re: Only G shock and peace!

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