I once had the all-black model and couldn't live with the legibility of the yellowish digits, sold it after only a week or so. I liked the style and wearing comfort (excellent, highest rating) tough, so I got the GW-810BXD. the display is also negative but the digits are grey/silver which makes a huge difference to my eyes regarding the legibility.

functionwise the GW-8xx series is mediocre - at best. only a 60min CDT, too short 1.5 sec illumination, only basic alarms, no date and day simultaniously, are not exactly the attributes of a world class digital watch.

BUT, there is something that no photo and picture I have ever seen do justice to it and that is it's unique look. one can't possible appreciate and understand (I couldn't before either) the unbelievable detailed and fine worked display layout of this watch, before it wasn't on your wrist.

none of my g-shock's - including my absolute favorites - come close IMO when it comes to the displays craftsmanship. whenever I wear this watch I can't think but what an outstanding job some designer did. you'll see