Opinions of the new Pro Trek PRW3000

Thread: Opinions of the new Pro Trek PRW3000

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    Question Opinions of the new Pro Trek PRW3000

    I was wondering if anyone has any first hand experience with these new Pro Trek PRW3000 watches? I like the idea of a smaller case and that's why I'm interested in one.

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    Re: Opinions of the new Pro Trek PRW3000

    It's a nice watch. One problem though with it is that it is easily scratched around the bezel, similar to the PRG110Y/PAW1300Y.

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    Re: Opinions of the new Pro Trek PRW3000

    Here's mine saying hello.

    It's faster than my older PAW1500T pathfinder, and I havent scratch the bezel yet (touch wood).

    Mine rattles at the spring bars, and the straps are starting to show some wear. Is it common for Casios straps? I have regular and premium gshocks with stronger straps.

    Function wise the 3000s are great.

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    Re: Opinions of the new Pro Trek PRW3000

    I love mine. I have the Asian version with the orange strap. I live in Atlantic Canada and it updates about every second night. For being in a fringe area that's pretty good. The only issue I have is with the altimeter. My house is 23m above sea level but the watch says I am at 81m. I have reset it but to no avail. Anyone with an idea as to how to calibrate it would be great.

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