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    Off topic OT:Any cat lovers?

    Here's Sam.....he's a 8 month old Main Coon. Check out his breeder's home page http://www.terracoon.com/home/content.htm

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    Are you a Watchaholic using the C.A.G.E. criteria?

    Have you ever felt the need to Cut down on your watch binging?
    Have you ever felt Annoyed by crticism of your watch binging?
    Have you ever felt Guility about watch binging?
    Have you ever had to take a morning Eye opener?

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    Wink Re: OT:Any cat lovers?

    My little cat Siep died suddenly 13 months ago. We still haven't replaced her absence and she is still missed.

    Note: This drill and screw are not real, but Bob the Builder toys...


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    Re: OT:Any cat lovers?

    We have 2 cats and 2 dogs they live in perfect harmonie with each other.
    It's great to have them arround, you are never allone in our house.

    Grtz, KachoB-) .

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    Re: OT:Any cat lovers?

    We have one cat,her name is Jiji. She is really cute and she sleeps a lot. It's more my wife's cat than mine. Jiji makes me sneeze a lot due to her very fine hair attaching themselves to the inside of my nostrils and all over my face, not to mention over the entire house:-D

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    Re: OT:Any cat lovers?

    Beutiful cat. I like cat but don't have time to take care of them

    Sam looks like a Lynx due to its sharp ear tips

    Quote Originally Posted by allanvalle
    Here's Sam.....he's a 8 month old Main Coon. Check out his breeder's home page http://www.terracoon.com/home/content.htm

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    Re: OT:Any cat lovers?

    I do love cats! in fact I think I'm a cat
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    Re: OT:Any cat lovers?

    Here are two pics of our 6 months old cat Chong:

    Cute little fella aint he? :-D He sure likes to be a TopCat!

    >>> Yo AllanValle, that is one B E A U T I F U L beast you've got there dude! Love the black 'n' white furrrr! <<<

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    Re: OT:Any cat lovers?

    We have 3 cats (Marcus, Dweezil and Seiko) and 2 dogs (Jake and Elwood).

    The blues brothers of course! :) I love all critters! I swear our newest (Elwood) is our oldest cat (Sampson) re-incarnated. He acts jsut like Sampson used to.

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    Re: OT:Any cat lovers?

    We recently had to put our cat to sleep . She was twenty and a half years old though! She had been through the clothes dryer, dishwasher, toilet, stuck under the garage door, coiled in a car suspension spring, and played with a cottonmouth snake. She was the G-Shock of cats. She took a lickin' and kept on tickin'.

    Back in January she got E. Coli and we got her fixed. Then she got it again in April and we got her fixed. Then she got it in the last week of July. She's always been defiant. If you want her in she wants out. If you let her out she wants in. I like to think of this as her last act of defiance. We wanted her well so she goes out and makes herself sick.

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    Re: OT:Any cat lovers?

    Here's Pallino (the cat) and Cassandra (the dog) they are living togheter in prfect armomy... infact you see the bed of Cassandra stoled by Pallino and Cassandra that sleep in the floor!!!!!
    Attached Images Attached Images

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