OT: Never Let The Baby Work The Spoon

Thread: OT: Never Let The Baby Work The Spoon

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    OT: Never Let The Baby Work The Spoon

    My Daughter Abby At Breakfast Time


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    Re: OT: Never Let The Baby Work The Spoon

    Good job with her not wearing any clothes - clean the baby and not the clothes.

    That's certainly one to show on her wedding day. She's going to love you for it when she's older.

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    Re: OT: Never Let The Baby Work The Spoon

    Nothing like the feeling of being a proud dad is there.

    Watches are frickin evil!

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    Re: OT: Never Let The Baby Work The Spoon

    awwwwwww.. that was sooo cute..... what a beautiful baby!!!!!
    She held the spoon the whole time...

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    Wink Re: OT: Never Let The Baby Work The Spoon

    Ha hah ah ah ah ah a hhhaaaaa!,,

    That's a cool vidie Buzzbait! I'm glad my son is over that period (I must have pictures of him IN CLOTHES eating red cabbage somewhere...) Looks dirty, but in a few years you are gone have a good laugh about it

    Enjoy these moments,

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