OT - Olympus observes its 100th anniversary
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Thread: OT - Olympus observes its 100th anniversary

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    OT - Olympus observes its 100th anniversary

    The Japanese camera and optics company Olympus is observing its 100th anniversary. Watching this short documentary, I was struck by how similar their corporate philosophy is to that of Casio. For example, building products that fill a currently-unmet need at an economical price.

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    Re: OT - Olympus observes its 100th anniversary

    Thanks for posting Gary. I now use my phone/iPad for all my photographs and don’t even know where my Olympus is. I’m more than happy to use my camera phone but no way no how would I use my iPhone to tell the time.

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    Re: OT - Olympus observes its 100th anniversary

    Thanks for a great video, Gary! Very inspiring to see their philosophy - it's very Casio-like. So humble, so thoughtful, so Japanese.

    It does seem inevitable that all devices will consolidate into one, though. Whatever happened to the Casio G-Shock Phone? It seems so weird that everyone walks around carrying their DELICATE phones in hand, those slippery things, with no lanyards in place. So many of my friends have cracked screens. With screen protectors put on them - after the cracks are already there...

    Some people have thumb loops, but a way to dock the device on the arm seems like a no brainer to me. Then again, I wear a watch in 2019, so I am probably out of step here.
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