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    Off topic The OT picture thread

    I was just thinking, instead of people posting multiple OT picture posts, we could use one thread for all OT pictures? It would keep the forum tidy, and people who don't wish to view OT pictures will know to avoid it, and vice versa.

    I've got some great OT pictures which I would like to share, and I am sure many others do too.

    So here are some pictures which I really like. I got them from a linux distribution, Vectorlinux, to be precise.

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    Re: The OT picture thread

    or put "OT" on the Title so that people knows its "Off Topic"

    and put "NWS" if the content is "Not Work Safe" so that people know not to view the thread in the office

    (openning a wrong thread at the wrong time with the wrong people seeing it may cost you your job!)

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    Smile I missed your lonely post

    G'day DW-5600:

    I missed your lonely post

    I think it's a nifty little idea you have, however, WUS did open a new forum named "The Cafe" which is for all non related G-Shock and other watch forum posts.

    I guess it was a re-occuring topic on all WUS watch forums so this was how the Cafe started.

    Let's not forget this is a G-Shock forum for collectors, buyers and other's with interest wanting information from other members on CASIO, G-SHOCK, or other Japanese branded watches.

    The "Off Topics" are a good coffee break every now and then when the board becomes a little "dry".

    When I first found WUS (Old forum) many years ago whilst I was living in Japan, it was like a little club as their were not so many members so It would get into friendly conversations about weekends away, etc. and we used to have a great laugh:-D

    This G-Shock forum has grown so much since all those years ago, that it callls for all different angles now

    I am a G-Shock lover and collector myself, and ever since finding WUS G-Shock forum, I have felt a ddaily commitment in supporting and posting on it which is why I continue to do so.

    G-Shock's are a FANATASTIC watch, and I am totally addicted to them, no doubt your are as wellB-)

    I guess the best way to look at it is if you want to post photos, pull your camera out and snap a few photos of your G-Shock's for all to see and admire

    I have found by posting G-Shock photos, it gives many other members the oppurtunity to decide and if they wish to purchase models or not

    A good example are the new MUDMAN's.

    I would have loved to see some photos before I made my purchase decision, but unfortunately nothing came up.

    I was so determined and interested to see them for real that I went ahead with my purchases, and ended up not being to keen on them

    By the way, your photo is simply excellent and it reminds me of Autumn in Japan. We don't have Autumn in the tropics

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    Re: The OT picture thread

    How come everyone says "blah blah The Cafe" and then there's a thread about miso soup (and it's only between two people, at that... PMs instead?)...

    Doesn't make much sense.

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    Wink Re: The OT picture thread

    Hi Guys,

    As long as it occurs once in a while I have no problems with off topics post. I believe I'm myself responsible for quiet some OT posts in the past, and what the hack... G-Shock is for me more than the watch alone, but a kind of lifestyle, which we all probably fill in the way that suits us best.

    Just use the OT tag. If you think your post would be great to show the whole WUS community your post, use the Cafe and it's Photography subforum.

    DW-5600, That's a great picture.


    There are only 10 kind of people. Those who understand binary and those who don't.

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    Re: The OT picture thread

    Quote Originally Posted by AtomicSolar
    How come everyone says "blah blah The Cafe" and then there's a thread about miso soup (and it's only between two people, at that... PMs instead?)...

    Doesn't make much sense.

    Some people can be very forgetfull AtomicSolar. Not too suprising given the number of threads created.

    Thats a great picture dw-5600. Something worth framing. have you seen the photography forum.

    By the by, I'm sure Ernie Romers doesn't mind the expansion of his forum to include the various many that are here.
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