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    PAG240 and wrist size

    What's the biggest wrist size you can have with the PAG240? I want to get one for my brother's birthday but I'm afraid it will not fit his 9" wrists. Yeah he's a big dude. If it won't fit can you put something like a NATO on instead? He usually uses NATOs so that would not be a problem. I'm just not sure you can add one to a Pathfinder 240.

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    Re: PAG240 and wrist size

    i have an 8" wrist and i wear it on the 3rd to last notch.

    honestly, 9" is a big damn wrist, i dunno if it will fit him. but the positive side is, the 240 has many strap options; it can be put on a zulu or nato band, plus being able to fit straps from several other pathfinder models.

    good luck!

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    Re: PAG240 and wrist size

    I can try my PAG240 when I get home, I have a 8.5" wrist...if you want?

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