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    Pathfinder durability

    I got a pathfinder PAW1100 and am curious how they stand up to the g-shock durability wise. I find myself wearing my mudman when I think there might be some hard use on my watch instead of the pathfinder.


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    Re: Pathfinder durability

    Less durable, but durable enough. Servicemen and rock climbers wear them, so that says something.
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    Picture Re: Pathfinder durability


    Some Protrek Links in the forum:

    Link; Protrek PRG-80 in portrait
    Link: Are Protrek`s Accurate #1
    Link: Are Protrek`s Accurate #2

    Casio Protreks;
    Titanium PRG-40 only the bracelet is titanium, batteries are of the regular replaceable variety, has the best contrast level of all my digitals. Not as well equipped as its younger brethren. I like the older style and it makes a great day to day watch, if you are looking for a large digital timekeeper with a killer display.

    PRG-80 I have three of these, really a field watch, big and extremely durable, I have had my blue PRG-80L-3VDR since they were launched and it is still as accurate as day one. Very tough solar powered beast, you can play about with the straps on this model, giving it more versatility; had mine on divers, two piece “Zulu`s”, PRW-1100 ballistic nylon now I have a true all black PRG-80 on a Hirsch "Extreme"Dive strap.
    I have used these extensively in the field, in all conditions imaginable (-25C - +48C, 100% humidity for months at a time as it is work related) and would recommend one to anyone wanting a field watch, large easy to read display in all modes. This is a big watch, so if you plan to wear daily I recommend you try one before parting with your $$$.

    PRG-1300 smallest of the present Protrek ABC offerings, definitely one of the, if not the best module Casio has ever produced, solar, atomic, 24hr CDT etc, no complaints from my side, very functional in a smaller package, I personally prefer the size & overlay displays of the 40 & 80, never the less a good ABC watch, with many versions for all.

    I have no issues with Casio’s reliability so far, all have been well within the manufacturer’s specification, just needing to set the altitude reference frequently during use.

    My primary Casio field watches are PRG-80`s:
    Been exposed to air temperatures -30C to +45C,
    Gone through countless airport scanners,
    Strapped on the outside of gear in the deep cold and height of summer,
    Been banged & beaten against everyday objects,
    Subjected to the baggage hold of long haul flights over & over (no heating & pressure),
    Recorded maximum temperatures of 58C,
    Shutdown the display due to extreme cold,
    Been dropped who knows how many times,
    Submerged regularly,
    Exposed to 80% - 100% humidity for months on end,
    Been outside in sandstorms, unfortunately still strapped to me,
    Exposed to strong magnetic fields,
    Left in direct sunlight in the Middle East,
    Time signal & alarms used every day.
    Auto EL has been on since day one,
    Barometer used daily,
    Accurate enough, to never worry about, aprox 6 - 15 seconds a month,
    Had a two piece Zulu strap & diver straps installed, now back on the original strap,
    Never worried about the battery power, just wore it, only ever seen it drop to “M” even with heavy use in northern winters,
    Maintenance, just soap & hot water,

    This watch performs today, exactly as it did on the first day I bought it. How do I know? I have two other PRG-80`s one new this month and my PRG-80L-2VDR from 2005 is just as accurate as its newer brethren in all respects.

    Safe to say it is definitely tough enough and a true “Tool Watch”

    I would rate the Proteks from my experiences

    PRG-80L for durability
    PRG-1300 for functionality
    PRG-40 durable, lacks the accuracy of the newer modules

    Welcome to the "Darkside"

    Newer more technical ABC`s have overtaken the Protrek`s, Casio still wins on reliability and durability.

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