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    Pathfinder PRG-40

    Bueno, Its on my mind since long time ago, I ADORE my PAW-1300G it turns me into one-watch man, But i can't get it off my mind! So, Any one here ready to convince me to buy or not to buy it! ?

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    Re: Pathfinder PRG-40

    Quote Originally Posted by LEoVaMPiRe View Post
    Any one here ready to convince me to buy or not to buy it! ?
    Paging "Q-6"...!

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    Re: Pathfinder PRG-40

    You need convincing to buy a PRG-40? Well, lack of CDT and not having Tough Solar may be seen as drawbacks. On the other hand, I wouldn't part with mine, ever! My new PRG-80 is superior in many ways, but I love the look of the PRG-40, and the display is to die for. I say find one at a good price and buy it.
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    Re: Pathfinder PRG-40

    Quote Originally Posted by kiwidj View Post
    Paging "Q-6"...!
    You want more?

    Look here: PRG-40T-7VDR in Portrait for the full photo review.

    The PRG-40T a modern classic, still one of the best displays out there of any digital, super contrast level viewable in all conditions. Nothing here does the overlay display justice. Easily the best looker of the Protrek range .

    A solid performer, altimeter will drift with temperature & barometric pressure change (on wrist the fluctuation is reduced), wearing this iconic piece never fails to please, it lacks some functions of its newer siblings (CDT, world time, solar & atomic), never the less a great digital .

    Comes in four varieties Titanium, Green/Black on resin strap and Blue on nlyon strap (getting harder to find), a Japanese market all black model is also available, however you must buy direct from Japan via a third party.

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