Lasst year I purchased my non-WUS friend a PAW2000 as a birthday gift. He doesn't care about watches, but we spend a lot of time portaging and camping, etc, and he did want something useful that would survive and thrive in these situations; enter Pathfinder. He's never taken it off since, so I guess I did ok.

Anyway, on our last trip we were finishing a tricky portage down a small waterfall, and we both slipped at the same time. No harm done, but he did smack his wrist on a rock, which scratched the metal bezel on his model, and put a small chip in the crystal. No crack, and the chip did not go all the way through, but it has obviously been compromised and he'd like to get it mended before we go back out; wouldn't want to ruin what will be delicate abilities, what with the duplex LCD and whatnot.

I found the Markham service centre on the Casio site and contacted them - I figured OEM parts and attention was the best route, but was surprised at a few things in speaking with them:

- Minimum $80 charge, probably more. I'm sure this includes re-sealing/testing of the WR capacity, but still.
- No same-day service. Markham is not exactly Toronto, or close - they will allow walk-ins, but it won't speed anything up. They have no time estimate; they don't keep specific parts on hand and will need to order what is required, and they won't order anything without the watch in hand.

I'm not afraid of the $100(ish) charge (or, passing that bill onto my friend, really), but if adequite service can be done somewhere else that can offer a speedier service, I'm all ears.

Any GTA members here that have gotten Pathfinder/Protrek service done somehwere good and reliable?