PC or Mac?

Thread: PC or Mac?

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    PC or Mac?

    This has probably been done before, but it is on my mind as my good, ole G4 Powerbook has started making a god awful noise after 15 -20 minutes of use. (I'm no computer expert, but my guess is that the fan is going. I assume this thing has a small fan).

    Anyway, it looks like I'll have to repair or replace it pretty soon and I'll have to decide whether to stay with Mac for home use. (I very likely will.)

    It made me curious what the rest of you do.

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    Re: PC or Mac?

    Mac (for over 20 years) - spring for a new MacBook Pro - you'll love the increase in speed, new single body case design, brighter screen, longer battery life, etc.

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    Re: PC or Mac?

    I'm stubborn and have been PC for 20 years, but the new mac book pro's have my attention in a big way. Started talking to "Mrs. Claus" about one recently and the conversation is picking up traction.

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    Re: PC or Mac?

    There's an old saying - "Once a Mac, always a Mac".
    I'm a Mac guy ,and can't see myself with a pc.
    Being a designer, the Mac is far better for me in any aspect -
    Speed, comfort, reliablity, looks.

    Every time I try to work on a pc, I start swearing after 5 minutes
    No turning back for me, I guess.

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    Re: PC or Mac?

    I've used both concurrently for two decades. A ThinkPad for my engineering work, and a MacBook Pro for fun and personal use. Always upgrading to the latest in each of their laptop lines, it's been an interesting experience.

    Like anything else in the land of technology, there has been an ebb and flow of "which is the best". There were the "Mac Years" and the "PC Years". It's what I do for a living, so I'm particularly close to it. Currently since Apple decided to join the PC ranks by using Intel chips there's very little difference with the exception of the premium pricing one pays (although they have reduced their prices somewhat) for Mac. Due to the type of work I do (3D design, Aerospace Vehicles, etc) I have always required the most powerful laptop available. Currently if I were to configure and order identical (as close as one can get) machines from both mfgs the Apple would be over $1,000 more than the Lenovo. Even at that it would still lack some critical components that my work requires. So that's just a little snapshot of my experience with each. As far as which is the best, that's like asking if chocolate or vanilla is your favorite. They are that close, and the advantages that Apple once held have all evaporated. The only remaining "claim" the Apple camp clings to like a last ditch effort is "we don't have virus problems". Ah... so sad as even that's a lie today. It's Intel inside of the Mac, just like a PC, and becoming every bit as vulnerable. Finally, any skilled power user has no problems with either as viruses, malware and worms are easily avoided if one does their job properly.


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    Re: PC or Mac?

    ^That's an interesting take on it...I would say that the hardware has little to do with malware. Macs have been more resistant to such things because of the design of OS X with its base in UNIX, coupled with a lower market share which doesn't attract as many malware developers. Contrast that to the Windows environment where until recently, the default user operates as root and programs have essentially unfettered access to the entire registry and filesystem.

    I am a lifelong PC user but have recently become interested in Macs after supporting them at work.
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    Re: PC or Mac?

    I've been a Mac user since 2004 (relatively short). Never looked back.

    I left my 15-inch Powerbook G4 back in Singapore and brought my 13-inch white Macbook to Australia for further studies.

    The Powerbook G4 serves as my room desktop. It definitely runs slower than my Macbook, but I'd rather use that than my 7-year old PC desktop, which is (amazingly) still running for my parents to use.
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    Re: PC or Mac?

    My fist computer was a Mac.
    I still use Macs today for my relevant data.
    The Windows notebook i use is for gaming only since i have it to new set it up now and then when the XP is screwed up again by a bad coded prog...
    I also play around with ubuntu linux on a ATOM netbook which is also running surprisingly flawless.

    I would recommend an Mac because of MACOSX, not because of the hardware.
    Its a good balance between user friendly and safety.
    The laptops and iMacs from Apple are currently suffering from glossy displays though, so be aware!

    If youre a gamer or user of a Win-only software then of course Win is the choice.

    If you like to feel as a pioneer or nerdy you may take a look at Linux, my expieriencen with Ubuntu are very good.
    Easy to install and no problems in detecting my hardware, PC or notebook.
    And there is a lot of commercial-lookalike-software which sometimes is less restricted then its commercial counterpart.

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    Re: PC or Mac?

    I'm using a MBP [early '08] and Snow Leopard; I bought the extended Apple care and used it in June to replace the battery and in July to replace a speaker. If Apple still supports your version check if your firmware is current. My early '08 MBP had firmware upgrades twice that included fan issues.

    Check out something called iStat Menus that might show you fan speeds [along with other stuff] and see if the speed change rapidly when the noise begins.


    Or maybe take your pick of Apple stores in Manhattan [I'm envious, the closest one for me is 35 miles one-way]and make an appointment to have them check it out for the noise problem.

    [[Aw hell, get a new MBP, they are fantastic]]


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    Re: PC or Mac?

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