Photobucket fix.
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Thread: Photobucket fix.

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    Photobucket fix.

    Here is a fix that allows you to view the images Photobucket have blocked with their greedy money grabbing move.

    It works on Chrome, just go to this link

    click on 'add to Chrome' and next time you visit any page with a blocked image and the silly 'rev counter' it will show the original.


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    Re: Photobucket fix.

    There are also extensions for Firefox:

    Only for Opera I could not find anything.
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    Re: Photobucket fix.

    I can't wait to try this out when I get home!

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    Re: Photobucket fix.

    Thanks for the tip... but alas, it's not a complete solution.

    The real trouble is that it only works for whoever has the extension installed AND the browser it can be installed upon. It's not so much YOU having the ability to see the images as much as everyone else... So this really doesn't solve the problem (your hosted images being visible to everyone), at least not until all the major browsers incorporate something like this into their code by default. But I think Photobucket would have a legal fit if that took place.

    Anyway, yes... it does make the browsing experience better. I'll give you that. Just have to remember about your own images being view-able.

    The best viable solutions as I see it is to either upgrade your account... meaning pay $$... or just switch photo sharing sites.
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    Re: Photobucket fix.

    Photobucket can defeat this fix in no time, but they don't need to hurry doing that...

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    Re: Photobucket fix.

    I use Dropbox

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    Re: Photobucket fix.

    NICE !!!!, works for me-I'm a Chrome OS user by choice, windows when I must, never Apple, occasionally LInux

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    Re: Photobucket fix.

    What a great 'fix'! Some of my 10+ year old forum posts have popped back into life! Photobucket can go f**k themselves, holding folk to ransom by wanting $400/year to share photos after having been free since I started using them nearly 12 years ago! Never even gave notice, one day it worked, the next it didn't...
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    Re: Photobucket fix.

    And those who uses Opera browser, here's the fix:
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    Re: Photobucket fix.

    I've abandoned my Photobucket account. They are awful.

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