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    Pic request: Pathfinder PAG40-5


    trying to decide between a Riseman 9200ms and the pathfinder PAG40-5

    i already know i like the looks of the riseman ms a lot but like the features of the pathfinder better.

    i like the tan and green combo on the pathfinder but haven't been able to find many real world pics of this watch.

    can you all post pics of your tan/green pathfinders or protreks and what model it is if not the pag40-5 ?

    thanks everyone.

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    Re: Pic request: Pathfinder PAG40-5

    I have no pics of the Pathfinder (which is called Protrek around here) right now as it is fresh in my collection, but here is one of an ancient Predecessor of the riseman:

    On the second pic i addec "c" to the AB functions by strapping on an aftermarket resin strap with a compass.

    You should find many - nad far superior to mine - pictures of teh 40 when you serach for the trheads of Queen6, who is a big fan of that model.

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