Pics of GMW-B5000D on 6" wrist?
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Thread: Pics of GMW-B5000D on 6" wrist?

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    Pics of GMW-B5000D on 6" wrist?

    I'm interested in getting the gmw-b5000d, but its inflexible first links design has kept me back so far.
    Could anyone with a 6" wrist share photographs of you with your gmw-b5000d so I can get some idea about how it wears?
    Any thought on this matter?

    Thanks in advance.

    My wrist size is about 6.1"
    The normal square wears just fine for me

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    Re: Pics of GMW-B5000D on 6" wrist?

    Just to give you an idea here’s my 6.75” wrist.

    Name:  723F6628-A8F5-488B-BD79-24E260D14E79.jpeg
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    Re: Pics of GMW-B5000D on 6" wrist?

    On a 16cm wrist.

    Name:  6ac571db419357a54d30246a785a12002b429ee4_1_500x500.jpeg
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    Name:  7fb66d1415fea9f8e3cf3215e3357b3f5fb26470_1_500x500.jpeg
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    Name:  bb06f6e899123c7ad844bbc100d9808867a40e3a_1_517x500.jpeg
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    Re: Pics of GMW-B5000D on 6" wrist?

    My wrists are six inches exactly. I ground down the little tab thingeys (sorry, I do not know the name of them) on the endlinks of the bracelet and now it bends around my wrist much better. These are quickly becoming my favourite watches. *now that I’m looking, the black one needs a bit more taken off.

    Name:  A8DEA539-0453-4B39-861F-04C5A731F3D3.jpeg
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