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    Plain old G-Shock

    Not sure if it has a model # as I got it as a real work in the lard kind of watch but It had a screw down back. When I went to order a new one, I just went cheapo and for $35 got one that looked the same but the back had 4 little screws. Just thought i would ask. Screw down back means more quality usually and my old one last 10 years, lost all it's rubber cushioning(actually lookled neat in brushed stainless)and then it just froze and I fiddled with it, replaced battery but no go. So all I want to know is the screw down back no longer what they use? Just info for me.



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    Re: Plain old G-Shock

    It sounds like you had an old DW5XX series watch. The old ones had steel cases and screwdown case backs. Illumination was accomplished via a tiny bulb. The newer ones have plastic cases and 4-screw case backs. Illumination is via an electro-luminescent light.

    The newer G-Shocks are almost entirely composed of plastic cases and 4-screw case backs. Notable exceptions are the Frogman models and certain DW-5XXX reissue models.

    I hope you didn't throw out the old watch. There is a decent chance that it could be brought back to life. Lots of parts are still available for the old screwbacks.

    Here is a picture of a reissue that just went on sale yesterday. It has the newer module and illumination system, but has a steel case and screwdown case back.

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